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RainWaterSolutions will use this blog to report on activities and projects we are engaged in but more importantly provide a forum to inform on activities of interest in the water sector. We invite you our informed correspondents to help us keep this forum updated and relevant.  



ericmallet Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. To this end, we will strive to capture moments and views of our work. This we hope will help tell the story of RainWaterSolutions journey to provide water and rain gutters to every household in the country. We will attempt to open and present our colourful country through our lens as we make …



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RainWaterSolutions will use this blog to express random thoughts about whatever and everything we are thinking about relating to Water and rain gutters. We will put forward our views on developments in the water sector from every source we come into contact with and hope to have contributions from you, our informed correspondents.