Rain Gutter Supply and Installation



RainWaterSolutions provides consulting services in the planning and execution of builds to include rain gutters. Providing this service at the planning stage of any development project enables the full benefits of rain gutters to be realised. We have consulted on building projects ranging from single unit houses to schools and housing estates.



Every roof gives a building a different look. With this potential we offer an onsite estimation service for all projects we undertake. Our estimators visit project sites and undertake detailed measurement and visual confirmation of the attributes of each property. Estimators are therefore able to recommend the best gutters and options to the client having seen the building in its surrounding.


Our estimators are flexible and are able to meet the clients at their convenience any day of the week.


With the estimate taken, a detailed rain gutter estimate is provided to the client for their consideration and approval.



Installation starts with the dispatch of materials from our warehouse. Each installation is handled by a skilled team of installers under the guidance of a team lead, who has years of experience in the field.


The client’s input is sort at key points during the installation such as positioning of outlet pipes around the property. On completion, the finished work is inspected by a senior inspector to confirm the work has been executed to the exacting standards we hold ourselves to.


Once this inspection is passed the property is handed back to the client.


RainWaterSolutions will be on hand to service any further needs of the client relating to the gutter installation.

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RainWaterSolutions motto is water for every use. To this end we encourage our client to embrace rain harvesting solutions.


On every installation we actively access the potential of harvesting the rainfall from the gutters and discuss this possibility with our clients. We are geared towards the provision of the full package of solutions to cater for all our client rain harvesting requirements.


RainWaterSolutions also executes purely rainharvesting solutions as requested by our many clients.

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